Valentines Gifts 101

Valentines is that time of year where men all across the country panic about what they will get for that special someone.

Here’s a Valentines 101 of what to get her based upon your relationship ‘status’.


For the someone you’ve been seeing for a few weeks and she’ll be totally mad if you don’t get her anything.

The Baby Roxy Disc Bracelet (available in Silver and Gold)

For the been seeing each other for a while but still not “Facebook official”

Baby Disc Necklace and Matching Stud Earrings (available in Silver and Gold)

If you know her style really well try the Baby Cross Hoops. (available in Silver and Gold)


For the loved up couple, it seems like you’ve been together forever and probably will be.

The Roxy Cage with Rose Quartz. The stone of love. (available in Silver and Gold)

For the been together forever couple and what she really deserves is a medal so this is the perfect reward for her.

The Roxy Disc  (available in Silver and Gold) or if she loves a statement piece go for the Small Onyx Cross


The Just because’ I LOVE YOU’ gift.

The Baby Cage necklace with matching Cage Threader Earrings


Or the she’s given you a list so just stick to it- do not stray from it, do not be imaginative- stick to the list.

In which case use the search button in the menu bar to find that perfect gift.



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