Instagram. My Top Tips.

I certainly wouldn’t say I’m an expert on Instagram but I do know that I enjoy creating exciting visual content for my followers and for my brand. I do get asked by friends how I do my Instagram so here it is- Inspired by my hubby who said people would enjoy knowing a few top tips, so I hope you do!

Being a ‘creative’ doing flatlays, finding a visually pleasing image I want to share or taking an outfit picture that I actually like is something that I really enjoy doing. I love seeing my feed fill with images that create a nice flow.

From taking the photo to editing it and to when it finally comes together (oh and you’ve finally decided on an appropriate caption) is a great feeling. It requires the same amount of patience and eye for detail as it does to complete a painting or drawing etc.

I spend copious amounts of time on instagram being inspired by other accounts and influencers. So here’s my top 10 tips on what I think makes a great Instagram account.

  1. Choose your theme. I always work with a black and white minimal approach. Be consistent with your theme and style. Make your brand known. Pick a filter and stick to it for all your photos for consistency. (However if it doesn’t suit the image then don’t use it, maybe even rethink the image.)
  2. Have a USP. Weather it’s a chestfie like @lornaluxe or a Killer flatlay like @theversastyle or @phoebesoup. Make yourself known for certain content that way people remember you.
  3. Know your viewer/customer. Look at what they liked in the past, what they didn’t and give them what they want. Know what they want to see and what captions they find the most appealing.
  4. Variety is the spice of insta-life. Vary your shots. Keep the viewer interested. Mix your flatlays up with selfies,#ootds, food, travel and inspiration.
  5. Don’t be scared to go ‘off piste’. If you are a brand don’t be scared to think outside the box. Not every post has to be about a product or promoting something you sell, but make sure it’s always in keeping with the brands style.
  6. Don’t take it personally. We are all guilty of seeking gratification from a photo and how many likes it receives. Don’t worry about your likes just be happy with what you have posted. People will view it regardless of whether they double tap or not. Equally don’t be worried about your followers. Let them grow organically and don’t be concerned when you lose a few here and there. 
  7. Love what you post. If it doesn’t feel right don’t post it.If you don’t have confidence in what you’re posting then others won’t either.
  8. Take pride in your Layout – consider your layout and how that image will look visually next to others you have posted. Make it aesthetically pleasing for the viewer and therefore they will be more likely to scroll further down your feed. 
  9. Quality over quantityMake your photos quality images over the quantity of images you post. ( I swear by my Olympus PEN Camera but sometimes I see something and capture it on my iPhone) If you haven’t got an image to post that day don’t try and force it. Let it happen naturally. Don’t post if your not inspired.
  10. Have fun. The most important point of all. Instagram is supposed to be a fun way of sharing our passion with other like minded people we may never get to meet. Inspire others and let others inspire you.

Happy Instagramming!


P.S. One thing I love to do is include some branding, a personalised light box or phone case so that people know its your own original photo.

I’ve also shared my top 10 most likes images.

1. A @lornaluxe shot is always a winner. I am still overwhelmed to have worked with such an inspiring influencer.


2. A travel throwback. It’s ok to repost old photos. It actually got more response a year later as a #TBT.



3. A product shot selfie. Instead of showing just the product it helps to wear it to show the customer how it looks and how they could style it.



4. A ‘travel diary’ shot from my latest trip to Amsterdam. I love to travel and this is huge theme within my Instagram, not forgetting the food and drink too.



5. An outfit of the day.



6. Blogger Style with @Mademoiselle__K yet another amazing influencer I’ve had the privilege to work with.



7. A BTS- A behind the scenes look at our latest shoot. Its always nice to share with your followers what you are up to.



8. A personal shot with my hubby. Caught on camera by my mum.



9. My Desk- a shot of my workspace- A look into my world as it actually is.


10. A clear crisp flatlay. A set up shot but aesthetically really pleasing.


You can follow my Instagram journey here- @kikiminchin