Kiki Shoot

Something I love to do with Kiki Minchin is to reinvent the way in which you can wear your pieces.

I have learnt over the years that my favourite items of clothing and accessories are the ones I bring out every year, no matter how old! I don’t believe anyone should ever feel like they can’t wear those boots from last year or that winter coat that is a few years old! You should be able to wear classic pieces all year round and for years to come without feeling ‘last season’ or ‘out of date’.

This theme follows through in the way how we work at Kiki Minchin. I never want our customers to feel ‘last season’ so instead of bringing out new collections every season we re-inspire our customer with new shoots, some new colour ways and new ways of wearing you classic pieces! There’s a lot of pressure for designers to constantly bring designs out for each season, but for me It’s really important to design from the heart and not from what is on trend that season.

This time I wanted to push the boundaries of what we had done before, and I had it in my head I wanted to use smoke bombs to compliment our new colour stones for the Roxy Cage, so here’s what we created!

Thanks to the amazing team;

Photography: Mesi Living

Hair & Make Up; Kimberley Lumsdon

Model; Amelia Lea

Smoke Bomb Expert; Ropped in the Hubby – Oliver Dunn

Here’s a cheeky team Selfie



Here’s a look at the final images form the shoot!















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